Workstation Playout and Continuity System TVPLAY XPLAY


Complete hardware+software system for video PLAYOUT and TV Continuity. Includes TVPLAY software and a SERVER 4U STATIONARY system with HDMI and HD/SDI output on BNC and monitor. Hardware warranty 3-3-3.

Additional information

Solution that combines SOFTWARE + HARDWARE by integrating XPRO teleprompter software with the TVPLAY content player. This integration allows for one of the two workstations to be deactivated when they work in synchronization, as they operate automatically under the master-slave premise, with the flexibility to designate any software as Master/Slave.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enables usage in both manual and automatic modes using the TVPLAY video player software.
  • Allows the possibility of being integrated and compatible with a TVPROMPT teleprompter system.
  • Facilitates loading and launching of various audio/video formats, including image viewer, current time, and remaining time display.


  • TVPLAY + XPRO Software
    • Includes pendrive and permanent license in protection dongle
    • Video playout and continuity software TVPLAY 
    • Professional teleprompter software TVPROMPT XPRO 
    • TVPLAY integration module with XPRO
  • Workstation HP Z4 or similar
    • Windows® 10 Pro 64 for Workstations PLUS
    • Processor Intel® Core™ Intel® Core™ i9-10920X (Up to 4.6 GHz, 19.25 MB cache, 12 cores)
    • 16 GB RAM (1 × 16 GB) DDR4 2666 (Up to 128 Gb – 7 free slots)
    • 5 GB VRAM graphics card (Quadro P2200 or similar)
    • 512 GB SSD M.2 Disk for the System
    • 1 TB SSD storage disk
    • Connections: 2 × USB 3.1 type C G2, 2 × PS/2, 1 × Minijack 3,5 mm, 2 × RJ-45, 4 × Display Port/HDMI output, 8 × USB 3.1 type A G1 (1 × charge input), etc
    • 3 × HD/SDI output via BNC with scaler
    • 1,000 W power supply
    • Slim SuperMulti DVD+/-RW SATA drive
    • Peripherals: HP Z24N monitor or similar + optical Mouse + slim USB Keyboard.
  • 3-year on-site hardware warranty (3-3-3)

Others / Optional:

  • Optional live connection with software module integrated in TVPLAY
  • Rack format: optional tray
  • Other configurations: Contact us