Workstation ClassX LBstation HD


This is a 19″ 4U workstation that includes high-quality hardware and useful features for video processing. It is perfect for creating graphic templates and has custom functions for the best performance with ClassX applications.

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Additional information

Advanced real-time transmission graphics in HD

Turnkey system 19″ 4U ClassX rack-mount workstation with 4 SD/HD SDI digital inputs/outputs. Play graphics in fill + key or internal key. First-class hardware, carefully selected, the best performance with ClassX applications. MoreCG (2.5D bitmap) and CastaliaCG (2D vector), integrated ClassX template editors. Ready to start, turn on the machine and enjoy the playback of professional transmission graphics

Optional Add-ons

  • SocialServer
  • ContentPlayout
  • Picture-In-Picture driver
  • VideoInputSwitcher
  • CoralCG 3D vector Editor
  • Second instance of LiveBoard for a second fill+key graphic playout channel


  • LiveBoard graphic playout software
  • MoreCG and CastaliaCG integrated graphic template editors
  • 1 year of CMA (ClassX Maintenance Agreement) with unlimited support via Skype, phone, remote desktopsoftware and email
  • Hardware and software configuration at highest level guaranteed
  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • Assembly, hardware/software configuration and testing at the ClassX facilities
  • English keyboard and mouse
  • ClassX hardware dongle with licenses

LiveBoard graphic playout

  • Endless layers of ARGB graphics
  • LiveBoard’s operator-friendly user interface
  • Remotely controllable with TCP/IP (in/out)
  • Preview channel streaming in NDIO
  • 19 available plugins (clocks, timers, charts, tickers, logos, media, slide show, text show, karaoke, VideoInput, screen capture…)
  • Preview, playout and datasource check/editing of data-driven ClassX Graphic Templates
  • Up to 10 mixed types of VideoInput Sources
  • Videolnput with filters + green screen
  • Advanced audio mixing
  • Facilitated advanced scripting tools

Graphic Template Editors

  • Single timeline for every object, any number of keyframes, pause-keyframes, easing
  • Groups and hierarchical animation system
  • Automatic layouts and connected objects
  • Picture, text, video, chart, shape, Videolnput, screen capture graphic objects
  • Image sequence import (TGA, PNG…)
  • DataSourceEditor for assigning external data to any object (csv, rss, txt, xls, json, xml, db…)
  • Textures (image, video, VideoInput…)
  • Animation effects, applicable on any object
  • Cascade effect/ animation effects / filters
  • Timeline library