Wireless HDMI-SDI transmitter-receiver system up to 120 m Hollyland Mars 400S PRO


Hollyland MARS 400S PRO is a wireless HDMI-SDI video transmission system with up to 120 meters (LOS) range.

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Additional information

ARS 400S PRO is using the latest coding, decoding technology, and 5G wireless transmission technology. It can achieve ultra-low latency wireless video transmission. It has a transmission range over 400ft with a clean line of sight (LOS) when the transmitter is connected to 1 or 2 receivers. MARS 400S PRO also can support 2 APPs monitoring when connection with 1 receiver. MARS 400S PRO is supports up to 1080P 60Hz image resolution. And Both transmitter and receiver equipped with L-series battery plate and also can power by DC adapter or power by USB-C interface.

Key Features

  • Supports 1 Transmitter Connects With 2 Receivers
  • Supports Up To 2 Mobile Devices Monitoring While Only 1 Receiver Is Connected. Supports Up To 4 Mobile Devices Monitoring without Receiver connecting
  • OLED Display Screen
  • Channel Scan
  • Three Application Scene Modes
  • Battery Voltage Display
  • 400ft Transmission Range (LOS)
  • Lowest Latency is 0.08s
  • Both HDMI & SDI Connection Options
  • USB Firmware Upgrade
  • Integrated Cold Shoe for Quick Installation
  • Supports DC Power,USB Type-C Power Supply and Battery Power Supply.

Packing List

  • 1 × Transmitter
  • 1 × Receiver
  • 5 × Antenna
  • 1 × User Guide
  • 1 × DC Adapter