CAT5 Digital Conference System Flush-mounting Voting Unit(VIS-DCC-F,VIS-DCD-F or VIS-CSU-F needed).

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No1 RJ11 connector for VIS-CSU-F or VIS-DCC-F / VIS-DCD-F
Connector No.2 RJ11 for VIS-DCC-FS / VIS-DCD-FS
Compliance with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94
The exclusive AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieves the transmission and processing of the digital signal, completely avoiding RF interference from cell phones or similar devices.
A CAT5e cable to transmit 64-channel audio and other signals
High fidelity sound thanks to zero loss audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling frequency, 20Hz ~ 20KHz response frequency
The connection “Hand-in-Hand-Hand-Loop-Network” makes the system always works perfectly regardless of the change of discussion unit or have any defective unit
This system is automatically assigned to each independent unit ID to avoid duplicate ID conflicts
The microphone sensitivity of each unit and the equalizer EQ of 16 levels can be adjusted independently
The equalizer equalizer of 16 levels to achieve the sound or the complete adjustment of the conference field, limiter to prevent the sound from suddenly becoming high or low; The noise gate of the human voice can be identified; Supports AGC (Automatic Gain Control) / AFC (Adaptive Feedback Cancellation) / ANC (Active Noise Control) / Mix (Automatic Mix) technology
Integrated functions for intercommunication
Hot swap for any system unit, and the driver has auto recovery function
Precise directional microphone head with anti-wind microphone foam cover, with two-color LED indicator.
Support interpretation function with 64-channel selector that can display the language and channel number (insert the headset and the channel selector is active)
Button for MIC ON / OFF, Priority & amp; amp; Apply response button for the president’s unit.