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LiveCG Broadcast IP for TriCaster and 3Play.

Complete multi-layer graphics solution in a dedicated 1RU unit that sends graphics to TriCaster over the network using NDI. Up to 24 permanent layers, OpenWeatherMap integration, content broadcasting from Skype, Line, emails and more. Ultra-quiet unit. Keyboard and mouse included. Monitor not included. Includes Social Hub moderation software. Requires a modem for separate operation.

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Additional information

Multi-Layers Graphics generator with Social Media broadcasting engine for Professional television production

LiveCG Broadcast is a stand-alone 1RU device that gives the ability to display all graphics needed for a high-end professional television production, including fixed and animated titles and logos, crawled or rolled tickers, clocks, countdown, dynamic datas and bitmap sequences. In addition, by using Social Hub software module, LiveCG Broadcast can be connected to most of the social networks such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram® and many more to broadcast messages in real time.

New Features

  • 24 new layers can be used as overlay on top of the current displayed graphics. Each of these layers can be displayed or removed independently. This feature eases Clock, counters, scores or logos remaining on-air while changing the main graphic content.
  • Connections to Skype, Line and Emails accounts have been added to give even more opportunities to interact with the audience
  • Integrated free access to OpenWeatherMap to select and display weather information from over 250 000 cities in the world
  • Improved hardware configuration with i7 processor to get more power and ultra-silent fan for better integration
  • Consolidated export/import function to ease backup and transfer of medias and projects

Two models in the range

LiveCG Broadcast IP for TriCaster and 3Play (THIS MODEL)
It adds the most convenient and affordable graphic solution to the production tools set. Directly connected to TriCaster or 3Play through the network, LiveCG Broadcast IP avoids using external video inputs for fill and key. Full animated graphics with transparency are delivered in real time to a single NET channel of TriCaster.

LiveCG Broadcast SDI for any video switchers (VIEW ANOTHER MODEL →)
It provides SDI in and out as well as Key out and genlock in to be integrated with any professional video switchers. LiveCG Broadcast offers both internal and external key modes to overlay graphics in real time over a video source or provides Fill and Key to the external keyer. LiveCG Broadcast SDI also supports iVGA connection to TriCaster and 3Play.

Perfect for Music or News channels

LiveCG Broadcast can handle multiple dynamic sources to display automatically several informations at a time : share the screen to display music titles, author, people info, stock exchange rates, breaking news … from RSS feeds, text files or Excel spreadsheet.

Ideal for sports programs

Designed for live operation, LiveCG Broadcast is used to display teams and players presentations, results and live score, clocks and counters. Animated logos can be mixed with dynamic figures to create high quality contents. List of players can be automatically integrated into graphic pages to be displayed live from a single clic.

Live from the social networks

Social Hub module collects in real time all messages from the audience of the event allowing an operator to read and select the messages that can be sent to the LiveCG Broadcast page for immediate display. It supports connection to Facebook®, Twitter®, Flickr®, WhatsApp®, Skype®, Instagram®, Line®, RSS feeds, emails accounts. Social Hub is delivered with a GSM modem to receive also SMS. The connection to OpenWeatherMap is also integrated to select which information per city to be displayed by LiveCG Broadcast.

Ease of use

LiveCG Broadcast graphic user interface is shared into 4 tabs, one to create the graphics (Editor Mode), another one to operate a live session by allocating pages to interactive buttons to go on air, a third one to schedule displaying pages based on date and time and a last one to create playlists of graphics for ongoing display of graphics with loop mode. The page editor is available for free as a stand-alone tool that can be run on any PC allowing to prepare graphics from several workstations.

Smart and versatile link to Excel spreadsheets

Excel files spreadsheets can also be used to create amazing interactive display of pictures, logos and figures, based on customized formulas and automatic rules for election results, sports scores, television games…

LiveCG Broadcast Features

  • Static and animated graphics and logos
  • Dynamic text, clock, date, crawl, roll, ticker…
  • TGA, BMP, PNG, TIF, JPG, GIF sequences and FLASH (.swf) animations
  • 32 bit images processing with alpha and transparencies
  • Effects: shadow, blur, motion blur, smooth edge
  • Smooth Transition: fade, move, zoom
  • Page composer with multiple layers
  • Free downloadable Page Composer for multi-users production
  • GPI on TCP/IP (Optional RS-232 interface required)
  • Optional remote panel available