Video Repeater Roland P-20HD


Instant video repeater for sports productions.

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Additional information

With Roland’s P-20HD you can create instant live and slow motion replays with a single unit. This equipment offers an affordable and very simple to use solution allowing you to make professional repetitions in any production. With seamless integration with most Roland cameras and A/V mixers, the P-20HD transforms standard sports video productions into spectacular experiences.

Key features

  • Instant slow motion replay and variable speed playback
  • Intuitive controls for sports productions with one-person operation.
  • Simultaneous recording and playback.
  • Clip list generator to create highlight videos.
  • Built-in color LCD for preview monitoring.
  • Capture long events on SD cards, affordable and easy to get.
  • Compact, portable and reliable hardware design.
  • Ideal for school sports, e-sports and sports training.


No complex learning and no need for a large professional team of technicians. With a single technician you can mark scenes and queue them for playback later during the broadcast, while continuing to record in the background.

  • Intuitive controls and built-in color LCD display.
  • Direct recording to high capacity SD cards.
  • Seamless integration with various video systems and processes.
  • Integrated preview monitor.
  • Physical direct access controls for specific tasks.
  • Good audio quality, with EQ, limiter and delay effects for sound enhancement and A/V synchronization.
  • Universal file compatibility with native H.264 recording.