compact multi-format mixer, portable and easy to use

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Supports six video channels from various inputs, including 3G-SDI, HDMI and RGB sources with scaling on HDMI and RGB inputs to support video and VESA resolutions from 480i to WUXGA.
offers advanced audio features such as multichannel embedded audio, XLR / TRS and RCA analog inputs and multichannel embedded audio to two SDI outputs, as well as complete dynamic mixing and auto-mixing functions.


  • A deinterlacer allows the use of 1080i and 1080p video sources from multiple fixed-target, PTZ, or ENG cameras simultaneously without an external signal converter.
  • The V-60HD also supports capture of still images and import with two specific crossover points to have the images at hand and to activate them easily.
  • Program, Preview and AUX buses offer flexible outputs for multi-screen environments such as worship centers, conference halls, hotels and trade fairs, allowing you to use tracking monitors, presenter notes and a main output for IMAG.
  • The specific AUX bus can be assigned to any of the four independent SDI or HDMI outputs, providing seamless switching from the eight input channels, including four SDI, two HDMI or one RGB and two still images loaded via the USB port.
  • A three-inch LCD display on the front panel provides quick access menu navigation to adjust switch settings.
  • A multivisor supports Program and Preview signals and up to eight video sources with audio indicators and labels.
  • In fixed installations, the V-60HD can be controlled remotely via the LAN or RS-232 port using the touch panel or other programmable interface equipment.
  • The LAN port also supports Roland’s new wireless tally system for PCs and iOS / Android devices, which tally some computers in a Wi-Fi access point.
  • In addition to allowing the loading of still images, the USB port allows the user to save program files and memory settings as well as software updates.
  • The professional user interface also includes crossover pushbutton quality buttons with PGM / PST LED color indicators, a sturdy T-bar and DSK (downstream keyer) quick edit dials for key level and gain.
  • Two sets of specific controls offer centered framing of Split and PinP (Picture-in-Picture).
  • The DSK can be used to apply up to three composition layers with titles, lyrics, logos or graphics from video sources.
  • The DSK supports luminance (black / white) and chroma (blue / green) to compose two video sources plus the additional layer of PinP and background video.
  • Includes a 12-channel audio mixer with four TRS / XLR combo jacks with 48V phantom power, one RCA stereo pair and audio decoupling from all six video inputs.
  • The audio processing features include powerful dynamic and effects features, such as a high pass filter, door, compressor / limiter, three band EQ, delay and the ability to select channels with audio that follows the video.
  • The innovative independent multichannel audio inlay feature allows you to select which audio source is separately embedded into SDI 1 and 2 outputs, for example to correct audio problems or separate audio sources in several languages afterwards.
  • Finally, the auto-mixing function adjusts the audio level in a weighted way to ensure uniform levels in room mix, recording and web streaming.