Video Ingest System TVPLAY INGEST PRO


Scheduled ingesting and video recording system.

Versatile solution to manage the playback of multimedia elements in multiple formats, without the need for additional hardware.

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Additional information

  • Multi channel-source
  • Single profile
  • Multi-format recording and broadcasting
  • Batch/scheduled capture, watch folder, MXF, remote control, Decklink output


  • METUS unscheduled manual recording software
  • Additional DECKLINK card for recording and ingesting external signals
  • TVPLAY WSI9 system
    • TVPLAY television and continuity software included, at no extra charge | In continuity, it is advisable to ingest and continue in different machines
    • Workstation HP Z4 with Intel® Core™ i9-10920X processor, 32 GB RAM, dedicated graphics card with 5 GB VRAM, 512 GB M.2 disk for the system and 4 TB SSD storage

Others / Optional

  • HP Z24N monitor or similar included
  • Optional HD/SDI SCALER output + 390 €
  • Optional live connection with software module integrated in TVPLAY
  • Other configurations: Contact us