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Real-time multi-format editing. EDIUS Pro 11 is the most versatile and fastest nonlinear editing software available. It gives you real-time editing of multiple formats and frame rates on the same timeline.

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  • Glitch Effects: Bring your projects to life with the new ready-to-use glitch effects. Simply add them to your videos, animations, logos, graphics and titles.
  • Animated Icons: To help you quickly find the right effect, EDIUS 11 now lets you view all transitions with an animated icon.
  • Automatic color correction: A new intelligent filter – based on human perception – automatically corrects your videos, even with challenging material.
  • AI-based noise removal: Using AI-based speech recognition, EDIUS 11 now allows you to remove even extreme noise much better than in previous versions.
  • New Audio Editor: To further optimize audio, EDIUS 11 includes a professional Multitrack Audio Editor for analyzing, restoring and mastering audio.
  • Speech to Text: The new Audio Editor also includes a Subtitle Editor that will allow you a speech-to-text workflow through AI. In EDIUS 11 you will be able to use the created subtitles as markers or subtitles.
  • New Titler: The new integrated titler is fast and powerful and will allow you, among other things, to embed subtitles in your video. You will be able to easily change the style of the subtitle by choosing from different layouts.
  • New Titler: The new integrated titler is fast and powerful and will allow you, among other things, to embed subtitles in your video. You will be able to easily change the style of the subtitle by choosing between different layouts.
  • Quick project startup: Easily start an EDIUS 11 project that automatically matches your clip settings.
  • Project presets and social media export: Use presets in horizontal, vertical and square formats for various social media platforms.
  • Adjustment clip: Save time by using adjustment clips when you want to apply effects to multiple clips.
  • Native OFX plug-in support: Enjoy a whole new world of possibilities with native OFX plug-in support. Integrate even more effects and filters and work more efficiently.
  • Mync 11 tab in EDIUS: EDIUS includes Mync, a powerful and convenient tool to help manage your files and quickly prepare all recorded material for editing. Set in and out points, add markers, tags and comments, and highlight clips using colors and ratings. The new Mync tab in EDIUS 11 puts all these tools and resources at your fingertips directly through EDIUS.
  • Collaboration with Chorus Hub: The optional Chorus Hub server allows EDIUS 11 editors to collaborate with others.
  • AI Services: Thanks to its open structure, you can integrate third-party artificial intelligence services into EDIUS 11. Functions such as quality control, scene description and face detection will allow you to adapt your workflow in EDIUS.
  • GPU hardware support: EDIUS 11 offers extended GPU decoding and support for the latest PC hardware.
  • Updated third-party hardware support: EDIUS 11 includes support for the latest I/O hardware from AJA and Blackmagic.
  • Support for the latest formats: No other editing software supports as wide a variety of formats and codecs as EDIUS 11. With EDIUS 11 you can use the latest cameras, drones, smartphones and more.
  • Avid DNxHD codec support: EDIUS 11 Pro now also supports the Avid DNxHD codec.
  • Sony XAVC H support: The latest codec in the new Sony Burano camera is now supported by EDIUS 11.
  • HEIF image support: EDIUS 11 also supports HEIF (High Efficiency Image File) formats used by an increasing number of smartphones.




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