A2883F Tripod + S4 PRO Video Head

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The Aero family responds to the ever increasing demand for field recording with light equipment in situations such as urban reportage, nature photography or social events where agility and speed are crucial.

They are versatile, lightweight, easy to carry, stable and economical. They combine well with other components used in video as sliders, or Socom Cage. Adopt a reverse folding system through which fit in any backpack. The legs are set at different angles, have a system of rapid extension lock lever (flip) for more agile handling. They have a double rubber and metal finishing to suit the terrain in which they work. To give more versatility one leg, with neoprene lining, it is transformed into a monopod.

Aluminium tripod + Video Head S4 PRO + Strap + Carrying bag.


  • Maximum height 1655 mm
  • Minimum height 555 mm
  • Load 15 kg
  • Material Aluminium / Rubber
  • Weight 2,27 kg
  • Sections 4