Teleprompter Display Software TVPROMPT XPRO v2.5


Professional teleprompter software specially designed for political rallies, speeches and long texts in general.

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Additional information

  • Management of long texts, for presentations, speeches or papers, TV news, etc.
  • Smooth text transition: With fast text movement and speed reversal without jumps.
  • Antialiasing: Text smoothing, eliminating the unsightly effect of staggered edges (pixelated text).
  • Unicode fonts are supported.
  • Import of different text formats: Plain text (.txt), Rich text (.rtf) and Microsoft Word (.docx) files without needing to have Office installed.
  • Real-time language change, available in Spanish and English.
  • Adaptable to any monitor with a resolution greater than 1024×768.
  • It allows you to work in extended or cloned mode with 2 monitors (control screen and camera prompter).
  • Mirror image inversion. Performs horizontal inversion of the output image.
  • Inclusion of automatic notices with customizable colors.
  • Inclusion of hotcue in the same text or script, for immediate access, even in several playlists.
  • Inclusion of several playlist and real-time editing even with the text being played back.
  • Preview window on main screen. Text preview screen.
  • Customizable interface. Change of the customizable graphical control interface, being able to choose the theme of the application adapting the aesthetic image.
  • Definition of color, type and font size for each playlist and for each text. Automatic conversion from black to custom color.
  • Various types of remote controls are supported: foot and handheld; IP, USB and wireless. In addition, several can be used simultaneously.
  • Custom function programming with foot remote control via IP.
  • Full on-screen help.
  • Text advancement control via keyboard, with adjustable speed increments.
  • Organization and edition of texts in playlists for their sequential launch. Multiple playlists in one session.


  • Teleprompter software compatible with Windows 10 or higher (32 / 64 bits).
  • Requires Microsoft Edge Canary installed.
  • Dual output graphics card.