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Teleprompter Display Software TVPROMPT iPRO v7.1


Professional software for Teleprompter. To integrate with NRCS system AVID iNews FTP from FTP V4.7.3, 5.2.027 RH6, including 2019.2 and later.

Additional information

  • Support Unicode fonts.
  • Import of files with .txt, .rtf, .doc and .docx format.
  • Change of language in real time: Spanish, English, French.
  • Adaptable to any monitor with resolution greater than 1024×768.
  • Extended or cloned monitor.
  • Mirror image by software (selectable).
  • Preview window on the main screen. Text preview screen.
  • Display on two different screens: Control | Camera prompter.
  • Definition of color, type and size of letter for each schedule and for each text.
  • Customizable on-screen read speed adjustment indication bar.
  • Time counter in prompter and control screen, customizable.
  • It allows you to print the rundown and the scripts.
  • Instant messages in real time.
  • Display on the main screen of RSS feeds.
  • TVPROMPT-iPRO software for AVID iNEWS FTP from v4.7.3, 5.2.027 RH6, including 2019.2 and later.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous remote controls (hand, foot, Wireless, ethernet …).
  • Full on-screen help.
  • Inserting and modifying text during playback. Real-time text editing during playback with extended monitor.
  • Control of text advance through the keyboard with movement in speed steps.
  • Saved and loaded rundown and scripts on disk.
  • Multiple texts arranged in rundown sequentially. Run-order management for multiple scripts.
  • General configuration of title, text and background color.
  • Option of texts loaded in the prompter shown in capital letters automatically.



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