Wideband multi-frequency system JTS UF-20


Optimal solution for demanding stage use thanks to its outstanding flexibility and reliability.
Impressive due to its convenient configuration with REMOSET technology, 75 MHz bandwidth, 3000 freely selectable frequencies and other professional features such as the active carrier analysis method.
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Additional information

UHF PLL body-pack transmitter

  • Suitable for combination with headworn or instrument microphones with 4-pole mini XLR connection
  • Bandwidth: 75 MHz
  • 15 groups, each with 63 pre-defined compatible channels
  • 64 channels in 6 groups for 3,000 selectable frequencies, can be stored in user presets
  • REMOSET for synchronising transmitter and receiver
  • Sensitivity adjustment (-18 dB to +12 dB)
  • Lock function
  • 5-level display for status alert and low battery, LCD backlit
  • Switchable transmit power