SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter Vaxis Storm 2000 Kit (V-Mount)


Vaxis HDMI / SDI wireless video transmission system for signals up to 600 meters (2000 feet).

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Additional information

With the Vaxis HDMI / SDI wireless video transmission system, you can transmit uncompressed, lossless video signals to the receiver with zero latency. The seven included 5 GHz antennas, two on the transmitter and five on the receiver, transmit and receive a powerful line-of-sight signal up to 600 meters.

The transmitter features one HDMI input, one SDI input and one SDI loop-through output. The receiver has two SDI outputs and one HDMI output, and together they support video streams up to 1080p60. The transmitter also supports cross conversion from HDMI input to SDI loop-through output, as well as timecode and metadata. The transmitter supports multicast, allowing a single video signal to be transmitted to multiple receivers, including other Vaxis models such as Storm 058, 800, 1000S and 5000.

Each unit can be powered using its 2-pin LEMO type connector with a cable, available separately, and a power supply. The receiver can also be powered with a V-mount or gold-mount battery plate, available separately. The Storm 2000 system operates in the 5.1 – 5.9 GHz wireless frequency range, and each unit features an LED display that shows connection status and channel information. Two 2-pin D-Tap to LEMO power cables and a standard BNC cable are included so you can plug it in right out of the box. Each unit can be secured to a camera or other SDI / HDMI video source via a built-in 1/4 ? -An articulating extension arm for mounting is also included, as well as a hard case for storing the entire kit.

Technical Specifications

  • Outdoor max distance: 600 metros (2000 pies) [Eye relief]
  • Delay: 0 (< 1ms)
  • Frequency: 20MHz or 40MHz
  • Frequency modulation: Fixed frequency modulation (Support up to 20 channels)
  • Video format: 1080p24/23.98, 1080p60/59.94, 1080p/50, 1080i60/59.94, 1080i50, 1080psf30/29.97, 1080psf24/25/23.98, 720p60/59.94, 720p50, 576p60
  • Work temperature: 32 – 104ºF (0 – 40ºC)


  • Video interface: SDI Input (BNC Female), SDI Loop Out (BNC Female), HDMI input (type-A female), DC input (2 needles LEMO female), Micro USB Joint
  • Wireless Connection: 2 antennas (PR-SMA male)
  • Power Connector: Lemo input, Battery Gusset input
  • Voltage: 7-36V
  • Size: 113×70×24
  • Weight: 254 g


  • Video interface: 2 × SDI Input (BNC Female), HDMI output (type-A female), DC input (2 needles LEMO female)
  • Wireless Connection: 5 antennas
  • Power Connector: Lemo input, Battery Gusset input
  • Voltage: 7-36V
  • Size: 25×94×39.4 (included v-lock mount)
  • Weight: 405 g