Audio processor ORBAN OPTIMOD 8600SI FM-HD


Optimod-FM HD Audio Processor with RDS/RBDS

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Additional information

The Orban Optimod 8600Si FM/HD offers top of the line function with MX limiter, compact 1RU spacing and RDS/RBDS.


  • Exclusive MX FM limiter produces lowest distortion, dramatic transient impact, and up to 3 dB more high frequency energy
  • Internal DSP-based stereo encoder with exclusive “Half-Cosine Interpolation” composite limiter
  • Versatile ratings encoder loop through maintains high audio levels into the encoder for most reliable encoding
  • Full-featured RDS/RBDS generator that supports dynamic PS
  • Quick Setup wizard, dozens of expertly-designed presets, and outstanding documentation make the 8600Si easy to set up for any format
  • Large active-matrix color LCD
  • Six processing structures
  • Analog and digital I/O with silence sense and auto-failover
  • SNMP control and monitoring
  • Compatible with Belar or DaySequerra TimeLock diversity delay correction