NewTek NC2 Bidirectional NDI SDI Converter up to 4K


Newtek’s NC2 is an input/output module that allows you to bridge NDI infrastructure with SDI I/O streams. With this module, you can route up to 8 channels of SDI video over the network to transmit and receive SD, HD or UHD 4K video.

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Additional information

NewTek, a leader in IP*based video technology, has the NC2 model which is ideal for production environments that require flexibility and compatibility with existing SDI equipment. It is a powerful and adaptable solution that offers IP flexibility while leveraging existing SDI equipment and infrastructure.

Features and functionality:

  • SDI and NDI connectivity: Enables integration of NDI infrastructure with SDI video I/O streams.
  • Flexible Configuration: Up to eight SDI video channels can be individually configured as input or output.
  • Multi*Resolution Support: Supports SD, HD and UHD 4K resolutions.
  • Colour Correction: Offers colour correction on every channel with professional picture controls.
  • 8 Channel Recording: Allows simultaneous recording of up to 8 SDI inputs.
  • Built for NDI: Compatible with 10Gb Ethernet for high*speed workflows and NDI traffic.
  • Adaptability to Any Workflow: Integrates with existing SDI equipment and infrastructure, with flexible management and control options.
  • Configurable A/V Sources: Allows independent configuration of video and audio for each channel.
  • Multi-format Processing: Accepts and delivers video in any combination of supported formats.
  • Multiviewer: Monitors multiple live feeds with customisable workspace layouts.
  • NDI KVM: Allows remote access and control from any device connected to the same network.
  • Professional Audio: Offers flexible audio integration with Dante™, AES67 and ASIO audio devices.
  • Rackmount Chassis: Integrates into professional production environments with a standard 1RU chassis.
  • Redundant Power: Protects availability with redundant 550W power supplies.
  • Video Servers: Can be configured for playback of stored media with broad file format support.
  • Waveform and Vectorscope: Adjusts and monitors video signals to verify compliance with broadcast standards.
  • Still Image Recording: Enables the capture of full resolution still images from channel video.
  • Hardware Destination: Route video and audio output to specific SDI connectors.
  • Network Source Support: Configures additional network sources for input and transmission of common IP video stream formats.
  • Remote Access: Monitor live feeds and control the NC2 Studio module remotely from network*connected devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices.