Multi-function media player that offers users the ability to play different audios: radio stations or files on external devices.

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Additional information

Its large LCD screen provides information on network configuration, operating modes, as well as information regarding the radio station or played files. A navigation encoder with confirmation buttons is available to select and navigate through the menu. It incorporates an RS232 port to control the unit through external commands, as well as an auxiliary input (LINE level) and output for headphones.

Users can search streaming radio stations using different available parameters (country, genre, etc.). Also conventional FM radio stations and digital DAB/DAB+ radio stations. Stations can be saved as favorites for quick access. It is also possible to connect this player to a web server or external storage (USB) and access audio tracks, centralizing all audio files in one place.

More features

  • FM radio tuner, streaming radio, DAB/DAB+ and multimedia player.
  • LAN connection or 2.4 GHz WiFi network.
  • Player of media files associated to the same network.
  • Front USB port for reproduction of external files.
  • 8 levels of equalization +1 selected by the user.
  • Station search with various search criteria (genre, country, history), etc.
  • Navigation coding.
  • 10 memory locations for conventional FM stations.
  • Unbalanced RCA output.
  • RS232 interface and AUX output.
  • Output for headphones.
  • Emergency power terminals (DC 12V / 2A).