Multichannel repeater OMB


TDT analog – digital transmitter.
OPCIONAL: 1.20 m RF reception parabolic antenna

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Additional information

Flexible solution low-cost composed by the modulator MOT5.


  • Complete alarm circuit and digitalized info.
  • It has the possibility to connect a composed analog video input (PAL or NTSC) or SDI and 2 audio analog inputs (L + R).
  • The signals are digitally codified and compressed depending on the MPEG-2 standard.
  • Designed to transmit only one TV program in one channel, because of that it has the adventage on the simplicity at the time of adapt from analog television to digital.
  • 6 Rack units standar of 19″.
  • Weight: 33 Kg.
  • Power output: 5 W RMS.
  • Control interface: RS-232 or Ethernet.
  • Includes cards.

Analog video inputs:

  • Composed video (RGB optionall).
  • BNC female connector.

Digital video inputs:

  • SDI.
  • BNC female connector.

Optional: 1.20 m RF reception parabolic antenna