Mobile Audio Studio ADDI UM03


Mobile unit ADDI RBA. Portable mobile unit of 10 U.

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Additional information

  • 8 simultaneous video inputs: being 4 composite video analog inputs + 4HD/SD-SDI + 4 DVI/HDMI inputs + 4 RGB/composite.
  • Simultaneous outputs in the same formats (analog and digital, including DVI HDMI multiview outputs).
  • Includes flightcase + internal monitor HDMI multiview of 17″ of every active inputs.
  • Includes FULL intercom wired of 2 channels and with 4 external transmitter (YOU CAN INCLUDE UP TO 60 STATIONS).
  • Audio mixer in 1 U rack if there is no separated audio.
  • Includes back pannel for video connection.
  • Includes LED/TFT screen of 22″ , in order to have the multiview on a bigger screen and have the PGM or other sources in the other screen, or as back up. Also it may be used as return of the emission.
  • Includes power supply, distributor and voltage stabilizer with LED lighting lamps for work.
  • Includes transport, setting, training and maintenance for the first year.
  • The photo may not match with reality.


Brand ADDI
Category Mobile Production Studios