Broadcast-quality matrix of 8 inputs and 8 audio and video outputs.

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The VAM-808, is a Broadcast-quality matrix of 8 inputs and 8 audio and video outputs; incorporates loop of in. To guarantee Broadcast levels, this matrix provides balanced stereo audio with Phoenix input and output connectors, in case an input does not have balanced audio, the matrix always balances it in the output. The switching of the video is done by vertical interval, by means of a high performance circuit, always guaranteeing a clean and interference free switching. The Moxie VAM-808 matrix, works in single video mode – audio only – or in audio mode – follows video. It incorporates a robust high precision keyboard with tri-color keys with LED to indicate the commutations. In case of power failure, the VAM-808 saves the last configuration. In the manufacture of the matrix, it is made in SMD and the most advanced assembly technologies, which allows it to be completely transparent to the signal with very low noise, wide dynamic range and great lineability. The VAM-808 can be controlled from the front panel, or by RS-232/432 and optionally by a remote panel. The new matrix VAM-808, has been developed especially as an independent system to switch and distribute signals in studios and Broadcast applications. This compact system provides excellent signal and high reliability features. All specifications meet or exceed the standards for Broadcast equipment. This unit can work in any system, be it PAL, SECAM, NTSC, etc.