Kiloview NDI CORE MAX 64-64×64 NDI Matrix Switcher


The Kiloview NDI CORE MAX 64 is an all-in-one NDI solution that offers a wide range of features for professional production. The CORE MAX 64 is capable of virtualising input sources, allowing the same signal to be sent to multiple NDI destinations.

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Additional information

Kiloview’s NDI CORE hardware system, a turnkey solution that enables the management of up to 64 NDI inputs and outputs and the delivery of ultra-low latency video streams.

Key features:

  • Turnkey hardware system: The Kiloview MAX 64 IN is a turnkey solution that includes the hardware server, CORE Pro software and Docker implementation. This eliminates the need for users to implement the CORE Pro software themselves, which can save time and effort.
  • Supports up to 64 NDI inputs and outputs: The Kiloview MAX 64 IN is capable of supporting up to 64 NDI inputs and outputs, making it ideal for applications that require a large number of video streams.
  • CORE Pro software with a complete set of features: CORE Pro software offers a complete set of functions for controlling, organising, routing and delivering NDI video streams. This includes functions for managing sources, destinations, streams and metadata.
  • Kiloview tested and certified: The Kiloview MAX 64 IN has been tested and certified by Kiloview to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This gives users peace of mind knowing that the system will perform reliably in demanding production environments.