Kiloview N1 Portable SDI to NDI|HX Encoder with WiFi


The Kiloview N1 is a portable video encoder that enables live video streaming under any circumstances. The N1 supports the NDI protocol as well as other streaming protocols such as RTMP, SRT, TS over UDP, HLS or SIP.

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Additional information

  • Support for video resolution up to 1080p60: This feature is important for applications that require high image quality, such as live streaming or video production.
  • Dual stream output, lossless quality: This feature allows video to be streamed to two different destinations without loss of quality. This can be useful for applications that require streaming video to multiple devices, such as a large screen and a laptop.
  • Wi-Fi and wired USB/Ethernet enabled: This feature offers flexibility of use by allowing video streaming over a wireless or wired network.
  • Portable form factor, built-in battery: this feature allows for cable-free use and increased portability. The device can be used anywhere there is a power source.
  • microSD card H.264/AVC/MJPEG recording: This feature allows local video recording for later playback or analysis. This can be useful for applications that require data preservation or backup.
  • USB Tally, USB to RJ45 adapter included: This feature allows the transmission status to be displayed on the user’s monitor. This is useful for applications that require coordination of multiple users, such as live video production.
  • Hot shoe adapter and mount included: these features allow the device to be mounted on a camera or tripod. This is useful for applications that require video recording from a fixed position, such as surveillance or video production.