Kiloview G2-HDMI to IP video encoder with Wi-Fi


The Kiloview G2 is a Wi-Fi enabled HDMI to IP video encoder that allows live video to be streamed over the Internet or local networks. The G2 supports video resolutions up to 1080p and offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

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Additional information

  • Built-in WIFI module or USB expand 4G:
    • Built-in dual-band (2.4G / 5G Hz) WIFI module for flexible wireless transmission.
    • USB expand 4G support for wireless transmission in low Wi-Fi signal environments.
    • Satellite network transmission support for remote area applications.
  • High quality chip solution and modular software:
    • High quality chip for clear and smooth video playback.
    • 8-layer PCB board design for stable performance.
    • Modular software for easy customisation.
    • Low power consumption and low heat dissipation for continuous operation.
  • Adjustable bit rate from 64kbps ~ 40Mbps:
    • Enables flexible video transmission, tailored to application needs.
  • Input resolution supports up to 1080P60, encoding output resolution is adjustable:
    • Enables high definition video transmission.
  • SRT support:
    • Enables secure and reliable video transmission.
  • Simultaneously supports RTSP / RTMP / RTMPS / RTMPS / HLS / TS-UDP / Onvif, etc. and customize for NDI|HX/SIP:
    • Enables video transmission to a wide range of platforms.
  • Dual stream output:
    • Enables video transmission to two different destinations at the same time.
  • Professional pre-processing, such as video rotation, cropping, horizontal duplication and colour adjustment before encoding:
    • Allows customisation of video appearance.
  • User-defined text and image overlay function, which can be overlaid at any position on the screen:
    • Allows additional information to be added to the video.
  • Micro SD / TF card for local recording and supports NAS network storage:
    • Allows video to be recorded locally for later playback or analysis.
  • Supports SDI / HDMI embedded audio encoding and 3.5mm analogue audio input encoding:
    • Enables high quality audio transmission.
  • USB expansion PTZ control:
    • Allows PTZ cameras to be controlled remotely.
  • SDK/API provided for secondary development:
    • Allows customisation of the encoder to meet specific application needs