Kiloview G1-SDI to IP video encoder with Wi-Fi


The Kiloview G1 wired or wireless IP video encoder is a compact and versatile solution for long distance HD video transmission. The G1 can convert 1080p SDI signals into a lossless IP signal over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet.

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Additional information

  • H.264 video encoding: the encoder uses H.264 video encoding to compress high quality video without losing too much detail. This allows for efficient live video streaming.
  • SDI loop monitoring: The encoder supports SDI loop monitoring, allowing users to view live video in real time. This is useful for monitoring and control.
  • Voice intercom: The encoder supports voice intercom, allowing users to communicate with each other via audio. This is useful for collaboration and coordination.
  • Branded chip: The encoder uses a branded chip to ensure good image quality and low power consumption. Branded chips are generally more reliable and efficient than generic chips.
  • SDK provided: The encoder provides SDK for secondary development. This allows users to customise the encoder to meet their specific needs.
  • HD 1080P live streaming: The encoder supports HD 1080P live streaming. This enables crisp and clear picture quality for live streaming.
  • Wifi/4G/Ethernet support: the encoder supports wireless/wired transmission. This allows for greater flexibility of use.
  • Low power consumption (<4w): The encoder has low power consumption, allowing 24-hour continuous operation.
  • Text and image overlay: the encoder supports text and image overlay for additional personalisation. This allows users to add additional information to live video, such as logos, titles or captions.