Kiloview E2-NDI-HDMI to NDI-HX Encoder


The Kiloview E2 is an HDMI-to-IP video encoder that enables 1080p digital video sharing using an IP network. The E2 supports NDI, SRT, RTMP, HLS and TS protocols, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

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Additional information

  • H.264 live video encoder: The E2 encoder uses H.264 encoding to compress high quality video without losing too much detail. This enables efficient live video streaming.
  • Supports RTMP / HLS / SRT / TS media streaming protocols: The E2 encoder supports a wide range of media streaming protocols, allowing it to work with a variety of platforms.
  • Supports global live video platforms such as YouTube, Ustream and Twitch: The E2 encoder supports all major live video platforms, making it easy to publish content online.
  • Supports streaming media server platforms and CDN systems such as Wowza, FMS, RED5 and SRS: the E2 encoder is compatible with all major streaming media platforms, making it easy to distribute content to a wide audience.
  • microSD card slot and USB port for local storage: The E2 encoder has a microSD card slot and a USB port for local storage. This allows live video to be recorded for later playback or analysis.
  • Image rotation, cropping, grayscale and other image processing functions: The E2 encoder offers a number of image processing functions such as rotation, cropping and grayscale. This allows you to customise the appearance of live video.
  • Character/image overlay: The E2 encoder allows text and images to be overlaid on the live video. This can be useful for adding additional information such as logos or titles.
  • Self-adaptive 10/100M Ethernet interface: The E2 encoder has a self-adaptive 10/100M Ethernet interface. This allows a reliable connection to networks of any speed.
  • Low power consumption of 4W (typical maximum): The E2 encoder has a low power consumption, making it ideal for portable applications.
  • Built-in Sunshine multimedia streaming engine: The E2 encoder is equipped with a built-in Sunshine multimedia streaming engine. This provides smooth and high quality video streaming.
  • Up to 50 simultaneous users: The E2 encoder can support up to 50 simultaneous users. This makes it ideal for collaborative applications.
  • ONVIF compatible: The E2 encoder is ONVIF compatible. This makes it compatible with a wide range of surveillance systems.
  • Management through a web-based interface: The E2 encoder can be managed through a web-based interface. This makes it easy to configure and control the device.
  • Suitable for broadcast, television, interactive media, medical, networked education and surveillance applications: the E2 encoder is suitable for a wide range of applications.