Hybrid Fiber Optic Kit for cameras interconnect FIBER-CAM CM-FK1


CM-FK1 is a fiber optic kit designed to be attached to the camera and used as a studio camera in a studio or mobile units, with all the advantages that fiber optics provide: long cable distances, robustness, clean signals without bandwidth reduction, complete remote camera control via IP, etc.

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Additional information

The kit uses hybrid fiber optic cables with professional Neutrik opticalCON DUO connectors. The kit is supplied assembled and functioning. The user needs to provide the camera or explicitly request installation of the kit when purchasing the camera.

The CM-FK1 is designed for use with JVC HD cameras, specifically the GY-HC900 3-CMOS 2/3″ models, the GY-HC550E 1″ (effective) CMOS camera, and the GY-HM850 or GY-HM890 3-CMOS 1/3″ cameras, using HDSDI 3G video signals and camera control via IP with RM-LP250S (for 1 camera) or RM-LP250M (for 3 cameras), or from a generic remote RM-LP100 for PTZ and studio cameras. The RM-LP25 can also be used as a remote.

The CM-FK1 is a custom-made system, although it is not a closed solution, so it can accommodate variations according to each customer’s needs (preliminary study and budget request required). The CM-FK1 is a kit consisting of two independent modules that house different power sources with isolation to protect the equipment from any anomalies, as well as interconnected media converters, all of which are CE certified, in addition to specific mechanical adapters.

CM-FK1 consists of two pieces, the camera module and the studio module. The camera module is mechanically and electrically mounted to the rear of the GY-HM850/890 or GY-HC900 camera, while the studio module is installed in the studio control, with standard 19″ rack dimensions and a height of 1U.

The fiber optic cable is not included; a custom cable can be requested based on your application. All components of the CM-FK1 Kit come with a one-year warranty. The installation of the CM-FK1 kit by JVC in Spain does not modify the warranty of the JVC camera.

CM-FK1 CAM: Camera module features

  • Neutrik opticalCON DUO fiber optic connector
  • HDSDI output up to 1080/50p
  • HDSDI input up to 1080/50p
  • 2 power outputs: 12V CAM (XLR4 connector) and 12V AUX (DC jack connector). Total max. 50W
  • 2 independent Ethernet lines (RJ45 connectors)

Note: The V-mount battery bracket is not included; the camera’s own bracket is used. The battery will only power the camera and not the fiber optic transmission modules of the CM-FK1 CAM.

CM-FK1 STD: Studio module features

  • Neutrik opticalCON DUO fiber optic connector
  • HDSDI 3G output up to 1080/50p
  • HDSDI 3G input up to 1080/50p
  • 2 independent Ethernet lines (RJ45 connectors)
  • 12V DC OUT power output
  1. Fiber optic connection on the front panel (ready for rear panel mounting, optional)
  2. Pass-through BNC connections for use with added modules
  3. Perforations for audio connector installation, allowing for embedding audio
  4. Internal M3 threaded mounting points for additional module installation

CM-FK1 installed on the GY-HM890 camera