Horizontal polarization TV panel up to 2 kW OMB PD2000


Broadband antenna that covers the IV and V bands, with 2 kW of power.

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Additional information

The PD 2000 is a broadband UHF panel (covers bands IV and V with no adjustments) of horizontal polarization, and it is also designed to transmit digital TV, multiple carriers and high-definition TV services. The PD 2000 panel manufactured by OMB is composed of two double dipoles and a stainless steel reflector protected with a polyester and fibreglass radome, so it is very easy to install and requires little maintenance. It Includes ground protection against electric shock.

Main advantages

  • There is no need to be adjusted.
  • It has an excellent front-back ratio.
  • Needs very low maintenance due to its robust construction composed by double dipoles and reflectormade of stainless steel.
  • Includes ground protection against electric shock.


SKU PD2000
Brand OMB
Category TV / DTT transmitters