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Additional information

The ATH-M70x professional monitor headset is the new M Series, featuring 45mm wide-aperture transducers designed to reproduce extremely low and high frequencies (5 to 40,000 Hz) with fidelity, while maintaining a perfect balance . These headphones are ideal for recording and mixing studio, direct, DJ, mastering, post production and personal listening. Developed to be robust and portable, the ATH-M70x provides excellent sound insulation and is equipped with 90 ° rotating hearing aids, which facilitate hearing through a single ear. Characteristics:

  • Pure design with aluminum and ABS headphones
  • M Series badge designed for extremely precise sound reproduction with high-end performance
  • Meticulous construction using high quality components
  • Expanded response that faithfully reproduces low and high frequencies while maintaining a perfect balance
  • 45mm wide-aperture transducers with rare earth magnets and coils with copper-coated aluminum wire
  • Extended and accurate response across the full frequency band
  • Circumaural design that perfectly surrounds the ear to provide excellent sound insulation
  • Rotating 90 ° hearing aids, which facilitate hearing through a single ear
  • Detachable ear pads and headband for easy maintenance or replacement
  • Disconnectable cables (includes 1.2 – 3 m coiled cable and 3 and 1.2 m straight cables)