Foot Remote Control Ethernet + Wireless TVPROMPT


Foot remote controller Ethernet (IP LAN) + Wireless

Additional information

  • Power over Ethernet (POE): +12V DC midspan.
  • Consumption lower than 250 mA.
  • Working capacity for up to 255 devices in the same network simultaneously.
  • IP + WiFi connection.
  • Works for distances further than 100m. with ethernet cat. 6 cable.
  • Reset button to restore default settings.
  • LED power indicator on the front.
  • LED default setting indicator.
  • Control button pad with LEDs.

With TVPROMPT software is possible to control the following parameters:

  • Control button pad:
    • Pause
    • Forward news
    • Previous news
    • Reversal
  • Device settings:
    • IP of the foot controller
    • IP of the computer
    • Gateway
    • Comunication port
  • Capacity to filter devices by IP.
  • Automatic log to know at every moment the sent and received packets on the port.