Distributor / amplifier Kramer VM-80V


The Kramer VM-80V is a high-performance amplifier distributor for composite or SDI signals. It can be configured as a 1:4 DA for S-Video (Y/C) signals and has settings for
compensate for signal losses caused by long cable runs.

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Additional information

  • High Bandwidth: 330MHz (-3dB) Level (Gain) and EC (Peak) settings.
  • Dual Mode: Configured as a 1:8 DA (Composite) or a 1:4 DA (s-Video).
  • AC/DC video link: Internally switchable.
  • VM-80A Audio DA Companion Unit.
  • Desktop size: Compact size. 2 units can be installed in a rack side by side in 1U rack space with the optional RK-1 rack adapter.
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