Direct Streaming AV Mixer Roland VR-6HD


Portable, all-in-one system for professional livestreaming.
Available with the new firmware 1.04 [May 2023].

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Additional information

Ultra-compact and packed with Roland’s innovative AV technologies. It’s an all-in-one solution for any professional livestreaming event. Has advanced features and versatile connectivity in a super-portable form factor. It’s ideal for any streaming event or professional quality video capture. In addition, brings together video switching, audio mixing and LAN/USB streaming encoders, enhancing the connection of multiple devices.

  • Ultra-compact audio/video mixer with direct streaming encoders
  • Powerful live production automation with sequencing, macros, and scene memories
  • Built-in streaming encoders for transmitting two livestreams at rates up to 1080p/60 FPS
  • Record streams directly to an SDXC card for archiving, editing, and distribution
  • Six 1080p HDMI inputs with frame rate converters and real-time scalers
  • Support for cinema and broadcast frame rates
  • Five-layer video effects engine
  • Five total outputs: three HDMI, USB-C streaming, and a dedicated direct streaming output
  • Six selectable output modes: Program, Sub-Program, Aux, Preview, Multi-View, and Still-View
  • 28-channel digital audio mixer with advanced effects and processing
  • 16-slot still store function supports screen capture or uploaded BMP, JPEG, and PNG images via alpha channel in the internal non-volatile memory
  • Enhance your livestreams with sound effects, still images, and video sources stored on an SDXC card
  • Audio Player function with six trigger pads and onboard storage for 12 audio files
  • Control six PTZ cameras with support for multiple brands and mixed protocols
  • 4.3-inch touch screen with graphical menu
  • Extensive device control with Bluetooth®, USB, RS-232, and LAN
  • Remote control software available for iPad, macOS, and Windows
  • Wireless and wired camera tally support

New Firmware

[Version 1.0]- MAY 2023

  • Additional Features
    • The color space for HDMI input can now be manually selected.
    • A sampling marker function has been added to PinP & KEY and DSK.
  • When using chroma key, the key color settings can be automatically configured by selecting the desired transparent area on the actual video.
    • In the SPLIT setup screen, a function has been added that allows you to adjust parameters by touching the actual video.
    • In the PinP & KEY setup screen, a function has been added that allows you to adjust parameters by touching the actual video.
  • Functionality Improvements
    • Some menu indications have been changed.
    • The internal and menu design have been adjusted.


Extra files

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