Digital audio processor ORBAN OPTIMOD-FM 8600 FM/HD DIGITAL


The Orban Optimod 8600 FM/HD is the top of the line with MX limiter, large display and digital MPX

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Additional information

Orban’s most advanced FM/Digital Radio Processsor with two times digital processing. Cleaner, brighter and louder sound. A new peak limiter technology provides lower distortion, greater transient punch and almost 3dB more HF energy.


  • Improved Peak Limiter Technology
  • Diversity Delay
  • Independent Processing
  • Loudness and True Peak control
  • Versatility doesn’t stop with sound.
  • RDS, The 8600 includes a full-featured RBS/RBDS generator at no additional charge. The generator supports dynamic PS. It can be controlled via 8600 presets and an ASCII terminal server that can be connected to automation to support displaying title and artist.
  • Controllable, user interface improvements round out the package. The easy-to-use joystick, knob and button navigation system and a bright, active-matrix color LCD that makes it easier to program the 8600 from its front panel. Ethernet connectivity is standard, as is an easy to use PC remote control application that runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 that can control many 8600s on a TCP/IP network. In addition, programmable contact-closure (GPI) control plus ACSII terminal control via the 8600’s RS232 serial and Ethernet ports and give you total freedom to interface the 8600 with your facility’s remote control infrastructure, whatever it might be.
  • Administrating and Monitoring, the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) features allow you to monitor your Optimod’s status and to send Alarm notifications via your Optimod’s Ethernet connection to your network. API: This interface can be used to allow custom third-party applications (including auto-mation systems) to recall presets, view status and set the controls.