Ultra compact folding crane load capacity of up to 4 kg and maximum height of 185cm

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Additional information

The MoveUp is a large crane folded for easy transport.
Ideal pair use with camcorders and HDSLR and light equipment that supports up to 4 kg.
It has a maximum height of 185cm and thanks to its mounting thread 3/8 “can be attached to numerous accessories and supports stabilization.
It has a great compact folding it ideal for filmmakers who need to travel.
Its compact design is suitable for use with compact cameras and tripods and light getting reduce the amount of equipment needed and streamline the workflow.
The crane has several anchorage areas to attach a monitor to control recording from the base of the giraffe.
With a maximum height of 185cm, the MoveUp4 giraffe can shoot a very cinematic finish.

  • Name Model MoveUp4
  • Maximum Load 4 kg
  • Minimum height 0.73 cm
  • Maximum height 185 cm
  • Folding length 69 cm
  • Weight 3.1 kg
  • The package includes Crane, Tripod A373FB, Patella S7 and Carrying Case



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