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Additional information

Entry level asset management and transcoding software suite. This package includes a server component and client component. Server components include Archive Service, Transcode Service and Database. System supports up to 20TB of content and 2 concurrent desktop clients. Can be upgraded to higher versions of Mediabox, and Metus MAM Enterprise.


  • Supports up to 20TB of content and a 2 concurrent desktop client.
  • Can be upgraded to higher versions of MediaCube, and Metus MAM Enterprise.
  • Track assets either within central storage or from their original locations across the network.
  • Transcode between formats.
  • Add markers to video files and intelligently categorise all assets.
  • Add an unlimited custom metadata fields in various types.
  • Undertake a lightning fast search using any combination of entered metadata, categories and tags.
  • Full integration with popular NLE systems via plugins.
  • Supports all types of storage: DAS, NAS, or SAN.
  • Integration with a variety of playout software, via plugins or playlists.