Full Digital Networked DSP Conference Processor.

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Compliance with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94
With the main unit of the VIS-EXM extension, it can be expanded to 5200 discussion units
Supports the “Hand-in-Hand-Hand-Loop-Network” connection and the system is automatically assigned to each unit ID to avoid duplicate ID conflicts
Both discussion units, wired / wireless, can be connected to the controller, quickly and easily to add meeting delegates
The wireless unit supports up to 8 active microphones simultaneously, the anti-interference capability is stronger than ever, complies with the IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi standard for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz
2-channel audio input, XLR or RCA type, for local input or remote videoconferencing input
Audio output MAX 8 channels, type XLR, RCA or Phoenix, to connect the language translation system or the output to different zones
By adding the audio input box, this system can be used with condenser microphones or dynamic microphones
Built-in functions for intercommunication
TCP / IP connection between controller and PC
Control through RS232 to perform MIC ON / OFF, Priority, Volume adjustment.
RS485 or RS232 to send the PELCO / VISCA protocol to perform the automatic tracking function of the camera.
Hot swap for any system unit, and the controller has automatic recovery function
Wide voltage range of 110V ~ 220VAC.