Betacam video casette Maxell B-60ML BQ


60-minute video casette for Betacam SP.

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The Video Cassette B-60ML of Maxell features a cross-linking high performance binder system. This system combined with the Ceramic Armor metal particles technology, with its extremely thin ceramic layers, enhances the physical characteristics and corrosion resistance of the tape. The tape offers excellent reliability and durability even under the harshest of electronic editing conditions. It has Outstanding Image and Audio Fidelity that is demonstrated by high output characteristics over a wide range of frequencies. The fine Ceramic Armor metal particles produce superior physical characteristics and corrosion and oxidation resistance qualities. The cassette shell has a high precision guidance system and is made from a heat-resistant, shockproof ABS resin. A special substance is added to resin to eliminate static electricity. The tape is supplied in a hard plastic album case.