3G-SDI/HDMI UpDownCross Converter AVMatrix SC2030


All-in-one 3G-SDI/HDMI video crossover and scaler converter

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Additional information

The device is capable of converting and scaling high-definition video signals in both formats, allowing them to be used in a variety of applications and devices.


  • HDMI × 1
  • SDI × 1
  • Audio analógico 3,5 mm × 1


  • 3G-SDI × 2
  • HDMI × 1


  • Upscaling/Downscaling and Frame Rate Conversion
  • Analog Audio Embedding
  • HDMI/SDI input auto detection and configuration
  • Easy control via DIP switches
  • Use of USB for PC software control and as a power supply
  • Double screw cap, for a redundant power supply
  • Detachable bracket for wall mounting