30-led chroma key ring ReflecMedia LiteRing


The LiteRing consists of 30 LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) placed in a ring around the camera lens. This provides all the light needed to illuminate the chroma key background in a chroma key production.

  • Color: Green
  • Inner diameter: 62 mm

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Additional information

Tungsten studio lights, HMIs and fluorescents are usually very large, wear out and generate a lot of heat. Typically 1000 watts of light is required to illuminate a standard chroma key fabric, however the LiteRing, at 10 watts, generates all the light he needs.

By putting both color and lighting in one device located in the camera itself, we have significantly reduced set up time and many other difficulties associated with traditional chroma key production.

With the LiteRing with 72 mm inner diameter, located around the lens, the color and light source combination moves with the camera itself. This allows unprecedented freedom of movement and the ability to shoot at angles of up to 60° to the background.

The LiteRing is compatible with any embedding software and hardware, so there is no need to change your existing equipment.

The intensity of the green light generated by the LiteRin is adjusted with a LiteRing Controller, allowing you to work at different distances from the background. The further away the fabric is, the more light is needed. As a general rule the Controller should be set to medium intensity, and changes will be made according to distance, camera and embedding device to obtain an optimal result.

Power is supplied to the LiteRing Controller via a 12v transformer which is available in a wide range of plug configurations to suit any type of outlet.